Revuele Retinol Forte Brightening Eye Contour Serum

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The Retinol Forte Brightening Eye Contour Serum is a light formula that is specifically designed to reduce the appearance of imperfections on skin surrounding the eyes.
Retinol, NaturePep® Pea Extract and Caffeine, help remove the appearance of dark circles under the eyes by reducing the production of melanin improving insufficient microcirculation. The contour serum enhances, flattens and fills the skin surrounding the eyes, slows down the aging process, reduces pigmented spots and minimises swelling.
The serum activates the production of collagen and stimulates the process of cell renewal. Collagen also prevents premature aging of the skin around the eyes and smooths fine lines and wrinkles. Using the applicator, the serum should be applied directly onto the pigmented areas of the skin.

Apply a small amount of the serum on to cleansed, dry skin surrounding the eyes. Use small patting motions until completely absorbed. Benefits are visible after the first application. For best results, use alongside all RETINOL FORTE products.

25 ml 

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