Universkin Miniral Powder Brush Nexultra UV SPF50

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Best for: All skin types

This innovative Bruch-on powder offers: -100% mineral filters -High protection against UVA & UVB -A biomimetic peptide in its formula that highly protects the skin from environmental pollutants. -Extra layer of protection on top of your favorite sunscreen. Can be applied over make-up This powder is perfume-free and perfectly translucent so it can adapt to all skin tones. A practical format to always have at hand, every day.


1.Shake the brush before 1st use 2.Remove cap, pull back the sleeve and remove elastic band from the brush 3.Keep the brush hairs* (*synthetic brush hairs) up, facing the sky and click once or twice in this position 4.Apply over face and exposed areas such as neck and hands 5.Apply before sun exposure and reapply every 2 hours 6.Recommended on top of usual care/or make up

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