Vitarmonyl Vit C + Ginseng

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Helps regain energy and tone and improve physical performance, intellectual and fatigue with vitamin C and ginseng.

  • Vitamin C, stimulating and tonic, has multiple properties: it is a powerful antioxidant and helps to restore your energy and tone.
  • Ginseng, grown for millennia in Asia, is rich in ginsenosides whose properties help to improve physical and mental performance (memory and concentration), but also the resistance to fatigue (endurance).
  • The extract of stevia sweetener used is a 100% natural and calorie-free, which brings a little sweetness to the product.

For people who want to maintain their vitality capital.
Natural Orange Flavor - Sugar free - Aspartame free.

1 tablet daily, chew or suck, preferably in the morning. Program: 24 days, repeat if necessary.

24 tabs

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